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Do you have metalwork that requires maintenance or repair, but it is stuck or impossible to move? As these things go, such problems usually emerge when they are least welcome; just as you are getting ready to gear up the machines or finish your project.

We can help you out – at short notice if it is an emergency. With our mobile welding and line-boring equipment we can attend industrial plants and equipment on-site to make the necessary repairs. Our mobile workshop is self-sufficient with power generation and lightening, so we can access your project in the most remote places.

Mobile Line Boring & Welding

line boring steam engine
Mobile welding Herefordshire
Mobile welding Herefordshire
Mobile welding and line boring herefordshire

Our fully equipped mobile workshop enables us to offer on-site line boring and welding projects. We can help you find an economical solution for work pin holes and bearing bores.

Moreover, we can do on-site welding repair which helps to reduce your down time and gives you a cost effective repair. We work on all kinds of machinery from heavy plant to agricultural.

​For instance, we can do mobile welding repairs to all types of machinery and equipment, including heavy plant and industrial machinery, air arc gouging, thermic lance, range of Enerpac hydraulic rams up to 100 tonnes, line boring and welding.

We can fabricate a wide range of high-specificity engineering products and components.

Our workshop has a vast inventory of machinery that enable us to create precision engineered components.

We carry out planned or unplanned maintenance and repair on a wide range of mechanical equipment.