Bucket modification


We specialise in the design and build of bespoke machinery. We can take your initial idea through from sketch to a fully operational machine.


For example, some of our recent projects include tailor made specialist trailer chassis, conveyor rollers, and a wide variety of precision engineered components.

Bespoke trailer chassis
Conveyor roller
Bespoke fabrication
Agricultural machinery repairs

With our fully equipped mobile workshop, we can also offer on-site fabrication. In addition we offer an in-situ welding repair and modification service. We can access the most remote areas to repair the machinery, from small cracks to substantial breakages in large excavator buckets and other heavy plant machinery.

Where possible, we don’t just carry out a repair, we always try to make sure that the same fault will never happen again – from a simple strengthening gusset to more complex solutions, we always relish a challenge.  


We are happy to undertake projects that other companies shy away from, like adverse conditions, emergency breakdowns, larger items or repairs in areas that are difficult to reach or work. We might not always be able to do the impossible, but we are certainly ready to give it our best shot.


Our fabrication services include:

  • Arc welding

  • Mig welding

  • Folding

  • Tig welding

  • Profile cutting

  • Air arc gauging

Our workshop has a vast inventory of machinery that enable us to create precision engineered components.

We carry out planned or unplanned maintenance and repair on a wide range of mechanical equipment.

We can assist you with advice all along the way, from the design to the fabrication and installation phases.

Shipping Service

Do you need your components or machinery sent to you? We can easily ship your order to your doorstep.


We always have multiple projects in our care.  Below are some examples of recent undertakings.

For more photos see Our Gallery